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CSA Program -What is it?

Community Supported Agriculture...

A CSA Farm offers weekly freshly picked farm-raised food boxes to members who are part of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Consumers wanting good quality, safe food ANS farmers looking for stable markets form a type of partnership.

The consumer (you) pay the farmer a one-time fee (or share) prior to the start of growing season. the fee is determined by seed cost, equipment maintenance, property fees, tools, salaries, distribution cost, etc. In return, you receive weekly food boxes either by delivery or at a pick up location near you. A full share may feed a family of 4 or more in produce for a week or can provide a good "winter" supply of fresh vegetables by preparing, canning and freezing the excess. A half share is offered for smaller families. This type of program greatly reduces the waste involved in blindly growing food for an indeterminate number of people.

YOU, the consumer, supports the local farmer. The local farmer supports the local economy by local purchases, hiring locally, etc. Thus supporting your local CSA farmer causes a CASCADE EFFECT for the local community. This approach also helps the environment! A WIN WIN program! The more local products that are purchased, the fewer products are needed to be shipped to the community, thus reducing harmful emissions from transport carriers.

Every CSA in UNIQUE. The crops grown, the size of the shares, arrangement for receiving the weekly boxes of produce and/or meets, length of season, number of seasons and share costs vary from farm to farm. while you enjoy your weekly share of the fresh, local farm-raised food, you must also share in the lack of food should there be a drought, flood, pest problem or other issue that reduces the amount or quality of the food. You become one with the farmer in understanding and dealing with the ways of nature.

Most CSAs grow organic food and provide a diversity of vegetables and herbs in season. Some farms also offer eggs and meat either as the CSA share itself or purchased separately. In general, CSA farmers are dedicated in using the land in a manner that will not deplete its nutrients or value for generations to come. HEALTHY soil produces healthy food.


Updated October 23, 2017