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Farm Fresh Eggs & Meats

Locally raised using HOLISTIC practices! Pure & Simple!

Are you concern about what you consume??? We believe that everyone should know where their food comes from.

We offer farm fresh chicken eggs - daily! Secure your order and have fresh eggs every week!

If you are interested in reserving your supply of brown eggs, please contact us directly to discuss the arrangements.




We've added Alpaca Meats to our menu  as part of the 'end of life' cycle. We are now 100% substainable.


We offer: 

Alpaca ground meat (1lb average)

Alpaca (4) patties (1.5lbs average)

Alpaca sausages (Farmers), (Garlic), (Honey Garlic)

Alpaca pepperettes (mild) (4 or 5/pack)

Alpaca Meat Pies (4inch or 9inch)

Alpaca Sausage Rolls (2/pack)

Please your order now as supplies are limited!



Updated December 10, 2018