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Locally raised using HOLISTIC practices! Pure & Simple!

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Are you concern about what you consume??? We believe that everyone should know where their food comes from.

We offer farm fresh chicken eggs - daily!

Secure your order and have fresh eggs every week! 

email us at:    info@dare2dreamalpacafarm.com


We've added Alpaca Meats to our menu  as part of the 'end of life' cycle. We are now 100% sustainable.


We offer: 

Alpaca ground meat (100% alpaca) (1lb average)

Alpaca (4) patties (100% alpaca) (1.5lbs average)

Alpaca sausages (40% local beef) (Farmers), (Garlic), (Honey Garlic)

Alpaca breakfast sausage (40% local pork) (Maple flavour)

Alpaca stewing meat (100(% alpaca) (1lb average)

Alpaca pepperettes (100% alpaca) (mild) (4 or 5/pack)


Please your order now as supplies are limited!


This farm also grows a few acres of fresh vegetables using holistic practices only. 

Stop in and see what is in season. We will pick your order while you visit with the alpacas.


  Don't delay, the season is short in the North!




Are you looking at establishing an Alpaca Farm???? 


We are here to help you.........


Our alpacas (male or female) our a good choice to get you started. Contact us to discuss your plan;


We will stand by your side and help you set up for success;


We offer site visits so we can help you detect areas of concern;


We are a text/phone call away at 705 507 5152




lots of layers

lots of layers

Alpaca sausages

Alpaca sausages

Alpaca ground & patties

Alpaca ground & patties

farm fresh eggs

farm fresh eggs

Updated July 24, 2019